About Chesterton Academy

Our Purpose

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Chesterton Academy was born from a desire to provide the very best for our children: an enriching, meaningful education in an authentically Catholic environment. We work to provide a school that is academically rigorous, morally serious and joyfully Catholic.  Catholicism is central to our mission:

 ∙Every school day begins with Mass.

We teach theology out of the Bible, the Catechism and papal documents. 

We have an annual pilgrimage and retreat, modest and wholesome extracurricular activities, and surround the children with the beauty of the Faith through statuary, sacramentals and crucifixes in every classroom.

Our teachers take a public oath of fidelity to the Magisterium.

We are ardently and unashamedly pro-life in all manifestations of that creed. 

Ours is an authentically, energetically Catholic environment, that gives our students the freedom to learn without the distractions our twenty first century society often provides.

Our Curriculum

This authentically, energetically, Catholic environment demands a worthy curriculum that provides content that is deep, rich and broad:

Such a curriculum must celebrate all that is true and beautiful.  It must neglect nothing of God’s creation.

It must encompass math, science, languages, the humanities and the arts.

It must be coherent.                                                              

It must celebrate the unity of faith and reason.


Fulfilling all of this, such a curriculum will teach students how to think and how to learn.  These attributes are the essence of a classical curriculum.  Through the studying of the great works of Western civilization, a classical education imparts essential knowledge in an ordered way.

In the Humanities, students progress chronologically from antiquity to the modern age.

In Math and Science, learning begins with observation and basic skills and advances toward greater complexity and abstraction.

A classical curriculum also teaches important real-world skills such as Writing and Public Speaking using models from the very greatest thinkers.

Finally, it engenders vital Intellectual Virtues such as fortitude, confidence and patience.

A classical education eschews impoverished innovations and trends and instead relies upon the tried and true tradition of reading great works, mastering mathematical and scientific principles and embracing the arts. 

As a parent you might be asking yourself, “How will this prepare my child for college, compared to students at other schools? Nothing could be a better preparation for success at college. Classically educated students fare very well on standardized tests and college admissions. Because they learn how to think and how to learn, instead of how to master an ever changing matrix of technology and test taking, Chesterton students are prepared to excel. 

Our mission, however, cannot end with merely getting students into college. We are preparing them for life, which includes finding their vocation.   All of the tools they receive at Chesterton will not only prepare them to succeed academically and open career doors, but to also to succeed in discerning God’s calling for their lives and open the door to the fullness of life in Christ Jesus.

Because the faith is at the core of our academic program, we can teach all subjects through the lens of the Church. And that endeavor is what makes our school unique. Theology at Chesterton Academy is not merely one academic subject among many. The truth is that the Faith is the central reality from which all academic disciplines flow and derive their meaning.  As G. K. Chesterton once wrote, “Education is the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to the next.” It is the society of Christendom that we strive to pass on.